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I have been pretty open about being diagnosed with diabetes, changing my diet, and maintaining an exercise regime. However, I haven't been very forthcoming about the emotional struggle and the self-dialogue that makes this such a daily hassle. I haven't shared that part because --well, we all wrestle with something. Many of my friends have much more of a struggle than me! I have several friends who deal with chronic pain. Sometimes that pain is debilitating. I have friends who suffer from depression. Sometimes that pain is debilitating. I have friends who are fighting cancer. Sometimes that pain is debilitating. I have friends who are in abusive relationships. Sometimes that pain is debilitating. There are all kinds of suffering -- I don't own a corner on that and I don't want to wallow in the negative. 

As I was working out this morning, I didn't feel strong. I have been trying to increase my weights in my kettle bell workouts, but my blood glucose levels sometime limit how much I can do. Today was one of those days. In fact, I was losing form and started to just quit. But then, I thought, "I could reduce the weight and finish the exercise." The other side of me said, "But you will not meet your goals - you should just quite until you feel stronger!" Then I told myself, "Well, at least I will finish the workout. There will be some gains!" (Yup, I talk to myself -- you know that you do it, too!) So, I took the weight down by 10 pounds and finished my Turkish Get Ups. (That was the first exercise! I was ready to quit before I had even started good!) I kept the weights manageable and finished the entire circuit.

What does this have to do with the struggle? Sometimes we lose form when we are carrying all the weight of our burdens. And we don't HAVE to carry ALL of the weight of our pain. We are created to be social. We are created to be a team! God created Adam AND Eve. He even said, "It is not good for man(kind) to be alone." If we help to shoulder each other's burdens, then we can lighten our load - and then finish our day. I'm equating the day to my workout because we can only take one day at a time. Look, all we really have is the decision that we make at this moment. What decision will you make? Are you gonna quit? You may not get the benefit of this workout. Will you lighten the load? You will be making progress toward your goal!

So, I want to encourage you to reach out to someone if you are feeling overwhelmed. Take the self-talk out of your head and directly interact with another person. If you are feeling like you can't handle the weight, then unload some of that onto someone else. You CAN finish this race. You CAN conquer this task. You CAN overcome this obstacle. It may just take a team to do that. And that may just be the ultimate reason for this trial.

Be blessed, my friends -- Dana



10/25/2017 10:28pm

good post

10/27/2017 12:31am

It must have been tough for you to be diagnosed with diabetes. It is good to hear that even if you are suffering you didn’t let it get in your way; I commend your will to achieve your goals. I know that you are a strong person, but a man can also be vulnerable; at that point I hope you can find your solace and motivation through Christ and your loved ones. I pray that your health will be stable and that you will overcome any illness.

11/19/2017 4:52am

Exercise is the biggest element that can create a difference in any kind of game, make sure you have a proper plan to do exercise otherwise it won't work any more.

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