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Vacation was wonderful! Now it is back to life. Back to reality. The comedian on our cruise was right about one thing: I got back home, stepped on the scale and it did say "Lido Deck!"

Seriously, Greg and I have been doing tons of research regarding our diet and training plans. We discovered that we are made very differently and required different nutrition. Since testing is coming up, Greg and I made serious plans to change eating habits and training schedule!


When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I began with a total vegan plan. I cut out all sugar and processed carbs as well as animal proteins and dairy for 3 months. I dropped over 20 pounds and lost a great deal of muscle/strength in the process.  However, I was able to cut my medicine in half and control my sugar with that approach. I had a great deal of trouble training, though. So, I had to adapt and add lean proteins back into my diet.that, I really wanted to enjoy sweets every now and again. For that reason, I took on more of an 80%/20% approach. Most of the time, I ate very sensibly and 20% of the time (not daily) I allowed myself to slip. "Just eat REAL food!" has become my motto.  If it comes in a box, then it

My training consisted of Krav Maga, Han Mu Do, some running and kettle bell training. I was considering a goal of completing a marathon this year, but then thought I'd push that off until the spring of 2018. The Little Rock Marathon has a gigantic medal and we shall see if I can earn that sucker!  Kettlebell training has made me much, much stronger and helped me to build muscle. I am about to head into the next phase of my training so that I can blast through my testing in the fall.


Greg needed more protein in his diet and could handle a larger caloric intake.  So, has begun to take in far fewer refined carbohydrates and, of course, sugar.  That began by cutting out sodas and sweet tea - in the south! That was an amazing feat!  He also began increasing his vegetable intake (another amazing act!!). He has just begun this new diet transformation, but we both know that good health requires good nutrition. There is no substitute for good food.

He has trained Krav Maga and Han Mu Do, but was inconsistent with cardio and weight training. Greg needed a schedule to help organize his time and training. Since he worked two jobs (and ran a home business and was/is an amazing dad and hubby), he really had to create something that he could live with!  He has begun a training schedule to prepare for testing in the fall and is focused on crushing those goals.

Do you have fitness goals? Self defense goals? We would love to help you demolish your goals.  We can all work together!!  Give me a call 903-224-5728 or drop in and see us inside Legends Gym.  Here is a FREE PASS to training!



07/28/2017 3:55am

In order for someone to achieve his/her dream body. Proper diet and training are needed. I am now currently doing these things because I do really want to lose some weight. I must say that this should be paired with hard work and discipline. You should be well motivated upon doing this so that you can be successful in the end. Thank you for this, by the way.

08/16/2017 6:44pm

The ketogenic diet has gained popularity in recent years, with some claiming this way of eating can have incredible benefits to long-term health.

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