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I had the privilege and honor to teach a break-out session and a couple of self defense sessions at a local women's conference this past weekend.  It was such a wonderful, refreshing time spent with strong women who make a big difference in our community and church.  There were ladies there from a wide age range, all different backgrounds, skin colors, socio-economic stations; single ladies, married ladies, divorced ladies; some in church ministry, some lay workers, professional women, business owners, employees; -- all were so beautiful and valuable in their own way.  It was truly beautiful to see so many differences overlooked with love and true ministry to the hearts. There were too many things that we have in common!

This was a retreat put on by our church, but the women these were not your typical church ladies.  They are the ones that go out into the world as ambassadors.  It was not a "bless me, I deserve it" weekend.  It was a "fill me up so that I can go out and pour out on the world" weekend. Empowering!

There were many great moments this weekend and one that broke my heart and also gave me hope. The women were invited to cast off misplaced shame. Women who had been physically and emotionally abused, assaulted, raped, molested - injured at the hands of someone else and had carried the blame on themselves responded to that call. Probably 4 out of 5 of the ladies there were affected by these things. I watched in amazement as powerful and lovely women began the process of healing. The change was palpable.

This was real life. This is what doing life together looks like. It's not judgment. It's not finger pointing. It's binding together in hope and love, becoming vulnerable and finding healing. It is my firm belief that the realm of safety that was established was there because of the blood of Christ. That is where we all find help and healing and comfort. I am so grateful to be a part of a ministry that takes seriously the call of being the body of Christ and ministering to our community.

Find a way to make a difference in your community today. Help to provide for a local shelter, take on the challenge of caring for a child, make a meal for a friend or a stranger, make a needed repair, pray for others. Let's do life together!

Oh, and if you want to train some Krav Maga, you are more than welcome to come on by the gym this evening and join us.  There will be a group from COTR training at 7 pm.



03/12/2017 10:07am

I'm really happy to see that other Women are taking into themselves in enabling to defend themselves in dire situations. I admire their spirit and mental strength. I wish that other women can see their perseverance and follow in their footsteps. Not only are they spiritually endowed, but they are also ready when faced with danger. I hope the best for them and wish that they get inspired in helping their own as well.

03/22/2017 11:24pm

Me too. I realize that we should always know how to stand up for ourselves. It is also very important that we are able to inspire other girls to become a responsible and actualized woman. We should all learn how to express ourselves and be able to develop every step of the way. Please keep inspiring! So much love to all the women!

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