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In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought you'd enjoy this video from KMG Singapore.  Love is in the air!!


02/15/2017 8:14am

It's good to see this kind of video. Self-defense is vital in today's society. We can never be too sure of our surroundings. We should take everything with caution and care. We should also be ready when the moment to defend ourselves presents itself. I hope there are more posts like this.

03/14/2017 2:46am

Yes I agree. I am certain that lots of people need this kind of video. We should all be aware of our surroundings. We should know how to take care of ourselves. We should be alert and always ready. I think this article is very helpful and relevant. Hope you are able to post more of this!

06/13/2017 1:32am

Knowing how to defend ourselves really changes our lives. Today there are a lot of unexpected circumstances and having the knowledge about self defense is a plus. Thank you for sharing such tips about change and how to defend ourselves. I hope you continue posting about tips on different issues in life. Good luck and more power!

This video is really amazing! It's my first time to watch some kind of video for Valentine's day that features trainers and such, I think this is such a good material in promoting and encouraging people to love themselves even more by means of being healthy and fit. Another thing that I love about this video is when you featured the love story of the instructor who found love in the special center, I think that was one of the best and unique love stories I have heard, they are a living proof that everyone can have a fulfilling relationship through pushing each other to become the best versions of themselves.

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