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  Greg Silva martial artist, teacher and author  Are you thinking about fitness goals before the holidays?   Here are a few easy success tips. 

We are told not to shoot for the moon but rather set our sights on the stars.   Problem is that for fitness, this simply doesn't work.

  1. The problem with long term goals is you don't have to do anything today.   To motivate yourself to get started begin with a short 2 - 6 week goal.  Take a martial arts fitness based class twice a week for 6 weeks.   2.  Huge goals are painful because you realistically don't believe you will make it.   Everyone knows that new year goals are often abandoned before the end of January.  Don't plan for a marathon until you run around the block a bunch of times.

3. You do better when you reward yourself for a short term goal.  Maybe subscribe to a fitness magazine after you lose 5 lbs or treat yourself to a  new pair of running shoes.

4. Think of going from where you are in fitness to where you want to be,  as following GPS directions.   Some times you may take a wrong turn.  If the happens on Map Quest the GPS simple re - routes you.   Same with fitness goals.  Have a bad day - re-route and continue your journey tomorrow.

Adults often overlook martial arts as a path to fitness when in actuality martial artists understand what I just mentioned.

Beginners train 2 times a week and most schools offer a 6 week program to get started.   Goals are realistic.   Beginners are not compared to higher rank students and each member is coached on their goals.

Martial Art is based on rewarding progress through short term goals of belts and belt tips.

If you are looking for a fun and rewarding fitness program with a purpose of self defense and protection,  try our Beginner Workshop   Saturday morning at 10 am.



That is beautiful quote “Health is wealth” the peoples who doing some exercise and use balanced diet they stay healthy and energetic. The parents have to provide the quality food and education to the children for their mental and health growth.

Being Fit means putting a lot of discipline to yourself. Putting extra hard work in everything you do and of course patience. At the beginning, it's hard to convince yourself to do what you have to do because that is not usually what you are doing every single day. But if you give perseverance to everything it will just go with the flow and you won't notice that you are doing great. So better make sure to keep yourself inspired everyday.

05/14/2017 6:18pm

I agree on you on that. I can definitely say that the key of being fit is you having a discipline. If you want to be fit, you have to sacrifice a lot, yes a lot. Removing you bad habits of eating junk foods or any fatty foods. Also, sleeping early and waking up early so that you can go on a morning walk. Regular exercise is also required on this transitions. If you want to be fit, you have to really devoted yourself on being fit because there are a lot of things that you have to sacrifice in order for your goals to be achieved.

05/13/2017 11:48am

Now, people live their lives according to the things that satisfy their hearts. But some people genuinely know the value of health. They are very disciplined from the food they consume and the exercise they provide for their body. We cannot simply let ourselves live with the things that will make us suffer in the future. We have to move ourselves in order to have that kind of discipline. Nice article.

01/04/2017 7:04am

A good motivation and a hard working time is what you need to reach the success in every beginning!

02/02/2017 2:46am

Having a healthy body is one way of success, Being Fit is not easy, It means putting a lot of discipline to yourself. In the beginning, it's hard to force yourself to do what you want to do, so that make sure to keep yourself inspired everyday. After I read your blog, I really learn a lot and I enjoyed reading it. I like the way how you inform your readers. I am glad that I found your blog and learn a lot of tips. Thank you for sharing this with us. Keep posting !

03/10/2017 6:47am

Beginning of April in Ohio brings runners out of the wood works, but a month later there seems to be less and less people wanting to or able to run. Running is not easy and it is very tough on your body. Running is a wonderful exercise if you want to lose weight but only if a person can consistently do their running routine. If all running does is breakdown the body and does more harm than good then it isn't being productive.

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