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Extracurricular activities can have many benefits for kids in elementary school. They can help your child feel more confident, learn new skills, and make friends. But no activity is “one size fits all.” The best activity for your child depends on several factors, including energy level and social skills. These comments can help you to decide which afterschool activity may be right for your grade school child.

 My child has tons of energy and can barely sit still.  

Your child may need a team sport or play ground time.  Or he or she may benefit from Martial Arts.   Martial Arts helps kids focus their energy in a positive manner and the self control taught will pour over into other areas of their lives.  

My child does well in groups with other kids.  

One of the benefits of martial arts are the extra curricular activities.  Kids that do well in groups have a great time, and shy kids get support from the instructors to take part in these events to make sure all kids participate.  Many Martial Arts schools have parties, events, Kids Nights out in addition to regular scheduled classes.   The concept is creating bonds with other kids and increasing the fun factor.  

My child loves to jump into playground games even with unfamiliar kids.  

Self confidence and social skills are important and parents want this for their kids.   However shy children also excel in martial arts because it's based on self improvement.  Kids are not evaluated by the performance of another child.  It's on reason we say that "No One Sits On The Bench In Martial Arts. 

Our school is offering a Free Beginner Martial Arts Workshop.   The benefits for parents and kids are endless and classes are quite affordable.   This work who is scheduled for Thursday evening, September 1, 2016 at 6:00.   Please register by Wednesday evening.



08/31/2016 8:37pm

I agree with you. Elementary stage is the most important stage in a child's life. This is where most of the learning and knowledge are acquired. Children should be exposed to a lot of things because this stage is their exploration stage. This is when they are hungry for information so parents should not deprive their children for it.

04/05/2017 5:33am

Parents/guardians must be aware of this. Children must be engaged in different activities. Being exposed to activities such as Martial Arts, Basketball and many other things will help kids learn new things. It will help them improve as they grow older. We must teach them to try new things while they are at a young age.

06/19/2017 2:27pm

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These activates are always good for the kids of every age and they supposed to be giving time to these types of things. I am glad that I was able to know about such activities.

04/06/2017 5:41pm

Montessori Classics is a home-based preschool and kindergarten for children from 2.5 to 6 years of age.
Our beautiful learning materials and the loving teacher surround children as they fulfil their profound need to learn. Being exposed at their most sensitive periods to such an enriched environment, children develop their abilities to a high level, without pressure and through freedom of choice. All areas of learning are brought together so that the child understands life as a whole.

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