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Focus! If I heard that word once, I heard it a thousand times!!  The teachers would come by and tap on my desk and say, "Focus on your work, Dana!"  I was that child who failed at time management. Oh, but I was trying to focus!!  It wasn't for lack of trying, that is for sure!  It's just that there were so many other things going on in that fourth grade classroom: the sun was shining (or it could have been raining - either would have been equally distracting), the birds were chirping outside, Marty was shaking his foot (and I could have said something different when he falsely accused me), there was a curly cue that clearly wanted to be drawn on my paper, What did I smell? - it was the soap sculptures that we made-now those were so cool!, Mindy was tapping her pencil on her desk, is Mattie writing a note to me?, Mrs. Epps was pacing the floors - wow, she is so pretty!  I wanted to be like her when I grew up, What was Scott doing over there? *sigh* he was so cute!- etc.  Everything drew my attention away from the English paper in front of me.

Fast forward about 30 years and 4 children later.  I was still struggling to keep my focus on one project.  I rarely started one thing and saw it through to completion before starting something else.  In fact, this blog has been started and abandoned several times.  There are several coping mechanisms that I employed over the years to keep my projects organized in my mind. However, I still had some issues with time management.  I just chalked it up to be a creative individual.

Then, I began to work for a company that specialized in brain training and read several books on the subject. The brain is amazing! How it is affected by hormones and how exercise relates to hormone production and stabilization is also amazing.  I have learned that cardio exercise that is sustained for about 20-45 minutes can help to "reset" some of the adrenal hormones in the body and help to prime the brain for learning. Exercise literally helps one to focus! I also learned some great "brain exercises" that have helped me to retrain the parts of my brain that shut down as soon as I try to focus.  These are things that are simple, but not easy!

I would love the opportunity to share with you some of the skills and techniques that have helped me personally to sharpen my focus and increase my attention.  I will be conducting a workshop on focus and would love to see you there on March 12 at 10:30 am.


08/09/2016 3:21am

I’m starting to focus on my study. I have many strategies to focus. I find the right place to study. Picking the right place is crucial to study because it has a major influence on the efficiency of the learning process. I chose a coffee shop to become my study area. If I am planning on spending long hours working or studying, it’s a good idea to make sure that my chair and desk are ergonomically designed for greater productivity. A bad physical setup can mess up both your posture and your work efficiency. I turn off all electronic devices.

04/19/2017 9:27am

I too have that issue of time management. I am having a tough time arranging what to prioritize or do first. Being focused is letting yourself understand your goals in life. Of course we all have priorities in life, we merely need to identify which one is the most important things to do first. There is a pile of destruction that will come along when you are focused, but always remember your goals and priorities.

Focus is what we need when we want to achieve something. This makes us concentrate our attention on the things we value or prioritize. We give our best effort and ample amount of time. Personally, I set my mind and focus towards my dream of becoming an inventor. Even if it will take time, I believe that as long as I have the determination, capability and focus, I can reach my goal.

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