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You remember the story of David and Goliath, right?  Many people use it as an illustration when one is facing a daunting situation. Here is a super quick summary(you can read the entire story in 1 Samuel 17):  The Israelites were facing the Philistine army.  Goliath was a giant of a man and a Philistine.  He challenged the Israelites to a dual.  If any man could defeat him one on one, then the Philistines would be slaves to the Israelis (and vice versa). David was a shepherd boy that had a strong faith in God and came to visit his brothers who were fighting for Israel. He heard the giant's contest and volunteered to take on the giant. He took a slingshot and with one rock, knocked the guy out and proceeded to cut his head off.  I'd say that he defeated him! David got to live with the king after that.

My question is this: Why in the world did David think that he could defeat a giant?  What had happened in his life that gave him such inner strength?  I think he found it while he was out with his sheep because there is strong evidence that while he was out there, he TRAINED!  The kid must've trained hard!  Tradition says that to learn to use a slingshot, that men would hang a stone from a branch with a horse hair (or something similar size) and use it as target when practicing throwing those stones from the slingshot. David must've practiced over and over. And he must've gotten really good at it because that rock hit its target when it counted!  Also, he said that he had already killed a lion and a bear while protecting his sheep (1Sam 17:35).  He KNEW that he could keep calm and take care of business under stress.  Yes, this was one tough hombre!  He trained. He trained hard! He proved before it was needed that he had what it took to do whatever he needed to do. He dug deep because he knew that the time would come when he would need great strength.

I believe that I have finally understood what it means to have that kind of inner strength - the strength to take on whatever struggle seems to be overwhelming - and I found it through training.  This training has been both physical and spiritual -- they kind of weave in and out of each other.  One supports the other.  Just when I think that I can't go on physically, then I dig down and find a little more to push on through. That gives me emotional and spiritual strength to push on through some more relationship struggles or pressing through my own fears (like writing this blog!) 

I highly encourage you to find some place to train. Overcome yourself. Find strength that you never knew that you had. Become the powerful person you were created to be.  We have to dig that person out through our training.  There are lots of opportunities and places to train. I invite you to come with us at Texarkana Krav Maga. Visit here to register to be my guest for a couple of sessions.  We will get you on your road to discovering your inner David!




08/09/2016 8:10pm

Thank you for sharing such an inspirational and motivating post. The David and Goliath story is already a moving story on its own. Brining in your own understanding and experience made motivated me into greater heights. That is what I've been trying to achieve for my whole life: spiritual and physical strength. Achieving physical strength is just as easy as going to the gym daily and exercising your body. Spiritual strength is the actual and true challenge. It comes with a clear mind and heart that can only be practiced through good faith and believing in one's self.

01/16/2017 4:43am

Whenever we encounter problems and challenges in life, we must remember the story of David and Goliath. No matter how big our problems are, we can do it. All we need to have is courage and faith in God. If we have these two things, for sure, we can overcome any problems. We must also remember that God doesn't give us problems that are impossible for us to solve.

It's the happiness to find your strength, but now I've only started my discoverings!

01/20/2017 10:05pm

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