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Stress is part of everyone's life,  yet much can be reduced and controlled.  Being aware of how your body responds to stress is number 1.

 Do you notice any of these stress indicators?

 1. Headache
2. Muscle spasms 
3. Tightening of the neck, shoulder and back muscles
4. Anxiety
5. Rapid heart beat
6. Frustration
7. Anger
8. Hostility
9. Eating too much

10. Drinking too much.

 In the martial arts, practitioners are taught to control stress through proper breathing.   A few times a day take 10.  Ten deep controlled breaths.   Breathe in and hold the breath for 5 seconds and slowly let it out saying 10 and counting down.  Control you breath so the exhale takes a long of longer then taking the breath.   Use the time to concentrate on the breathing, holding and counting so you are completely focused.  Repeat for ten cycles of inhalation and exhalation, filling to maximum capacity and emptying completely with each breath.

 Next take time to talk to someone and socialize daily.  We find out selves working alone or spending time online.   Be sure to have interactions with others.

 Last get some exercise that is moderate in intensity and allows some stress reduction.  Hitting and kicking pads is very therapeutic.

 Martial Arts is a great exercise program that trains Mind and Body.  It defiantly has stress reduction exercise, breathing and a great community of people dedicated to overall health and well being.

 Greg Silva

Author of Building Black Belts From The Inside Out.



I actually tried the breathing exercise that you've mentioned. Surprisingly, I feel calmer and more relaxed. Among your stress indicators list, I often experience anxiety, anger and eating too much. I noticed that when I'm stressed, I tend to feel grumpy and resort to stress eating. Thank you for your tips. I didn't know that I can release my stress by using these simple steps. Martial art indeed, is a discipline that trains both the mind and the body. I always wanted to try it since I was young, but I never had the chance.

01/30/2017 2:15am

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07/20/2017 7:14am

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08/20/2017 11:22am

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