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The days have become a little shorter, there is an eclipse coming soon, school is starting next week and it has been raining here in T-town - a lot!  It does seem as if summer is coming to a close earlier this year than it did last year! When does the water park close? Only open on weekends after this week!  Yep, summer is ending way too soon! Maybe you are wondering how you can help you and your child to succeed this school year.  Here is a little acronym that I came up with to help out a bit.
S - Show up!  Don't just sit in class, but SHOW UP!  Make sure that you are focusing on the teacher and on other students. People like folks who genuinely show interest in them. When others see that you like them, they will like you better AND if it is a teacher, he or she will be much more likely to work with you!

T - TAKE NOTES!  Taking notes in class help to fire off several areas of the brain and helps you to put that knowledge in to longer term memory!

U - Seek to UNDERSTAND!  If you are having trouble understanding, then ask questions that lead to your better understanding the problem. If you still do not understand, then ask a better question. Keep asking until you have achieved that goal of understanding the problem.  After that, you will be better equipped to solve the problem!

D- DECIDE TO BE DETERMINED!  Make the mental preparation now to stick to your goals and finish the year strong. It may seem too early to look that far ahead, but you have to be able to see where you are going in order to actually make it there!

E- ENDURE TO THE END!  This is not a sprint, but a marathon race.  Pace yourself and make a plan to break everything down into bite size pieces.  For example, we performed 100 push-ups in every Krav Junior class last week!  How did those guys accomplish this goal? We broke it down into do-able chunks.  They never performed more than 10 at one time, but they got them all done!

N- NEVER GIVE UP! Perseverance is a time honored tradition in martial arts, but it is also necessary for any student to achieve at high levels.  Make up your mind now to keep going no matter what obstacles stand in the way.  When you keep going, you discover that you have much more in you than you ever imagined!!

T- TRAIN!!  Train your body, soul and mind!!  Make sure to maintain your physical fitness.  This will give you the mental stamina to make it through this school year.

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