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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month: There are organizations worldwide that are working to prevent rape. Please take a minute ad read about one such organization:

NO MEANS NO - Kenya is an organization that works to provide simple, high impact self defense training to as many women and children as possible worldwide. This organization works hard to prevent sexual assault. They work with boys and girls in schools in 6 week cycles three times per school year, with the number of students ranging from 7000-9000 per cycle. For far too long the overwhelming focus has been on aftercare strategies -- this needs to change. It is believed that self defense training can raise a woman or a child's chance of prevailing in a sexual assault by up to 85%!!

I agree with this organization that the best response to the epidemic of sexual assault is to provide our male and female student with an awareness of the causes and effects of sexual gender based violence and to provide the skills to intervene or prevent it. You may not live in Kenya, but the need for effective self defense is important worldwide. Please consider attending our workshop Saturday, April 22, 2017 from 2-4.  The proceeds go to support an organization that works to prevent sexual assault in the US. To register, click on the picture of the flyer or on the button below.